Tunes played on the

Howe Chimes

in Stearns Steeple

Here is a partial listing of the tunes played on the Howe chimes. The chimes were a gift from George Howe whose son, Sidney Wlaker Howe '59, died at Gettysburg. The chimes were given "in honor and commemoration of the members and graduates of this College who gave their lives for their country." They were first played in 1871 at the College's semi-centennial celebration.

The instrument has nine notes that play one octave of an E major scale and with an additional D natural to play in the key of A. Clearly most music played on the chimes is transposed and some tunes are changed a little to fit.

I will try to list programs before they are played (for June 21st, for Vespers, before the Winter dinner, for the Martin Luther King Jr. service, and other times TBA).


Wednesday June 4th before the picnic the tunes were:


Flow Gently Sweet Afton

A Gigue for Jenny

The old 100th

Joyful Joyful (the theme from ode to Joy)

Bonnets so Blue

Drink to me only with thine eyes

All Things Bright and Beautiful

Senior Song of 1906

Other tunes that have been heard on the chimes recently;


The Yarnmouth Reel


Oh Them Golden Slippers