Iinterstitial Amherst

This year's schedule:

Tuesday January 21st 12:30 starting at the Physical Plant: Steam Plant, Chiller Plant and tunnel - how is heat and cooling delivered to the Campus

Thursday January 23rd 12:30 starting at the Physical Plant: Amherst roofs as crowning statement of campus architecture,the Stearns Spire and playing the Howe chimes

Thursday January 23rd 3:30 starting at the Stearns Auditorium: Revisit a chapter in the Cold War through film and with a Bunker tour. We'll watch 13 Days, a documentary account of the Cuban Missle Crisis, then tour the SAC Bunker (now an extension to the Frost Library) to see where it started and could have ended and as a night cap, after time for supper, we'll watch Stanley Kubrick's very darkly humorous Dr. Strangelove or How I Learned to Love the Bomb.


Hope to see you there

Aaron Hayden

Captial Projects Manager and Campus Utillities Engineer

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