The Ship that Fought

When we set out on that fateful night,

A night of stormy gray

The moon was gone and shed no light

But we sailed away


We sailed through waves of wild white

They roared and tumbled 'round

But determined to win this frothing fight

We fought and lost no ground


Our mast was cracked and sails torn

But our little craft stood true

Her timbers creaked with a moan forlorn

But onwards we plowed through


To deliver was our only thought

Acroos the channel to spain

Would the cargo that we brought

Ever reach the spanish terrain?


The wind roared in our deafened ears

But land ho ahead!

Washed away were out greatest fears

Our ship was safe and none were dead


But the hardest part was still to beat

To pass through those jagged rocks

for our slim boat that should not

Be a hard thing to defeat


The wind did toss us towards our fate

But steadfest did our ship go

We passed the rocks not a second too late

For moment later we would have had to row


When we landed, I took one last look

At the craft that led us home

She rocked there, peaceful in a watery nook

Amid the gentle foam


She seemed to sleep from her tiresome night

And I gave her a pat with thought

Than I turned and walked towards dawn's first light

And remebered the ship that fought.