(a poem for two voices)
By Carolyn Grace
Elinor Hayden

 The sky is my sister  
 As is the wind.
 I look up to see  
 My brother hawk,   My brother hawk,
 Soaring and floating  Soaring and floating
   On invisible waves
 I wonder what  
   He sees
 Through his eyes  
   A patchwork quilt,
 Of forests and fields.  
   With ribbons of blue
 Intertwined with green.  
 High caps of snow  
 Sheltering his  Sheltering his
 Brothers and sisters  Brothers and sisters
   From winters cold.
 Remembering times  Remembering times
 Long ago  Long ago
 When people understood  
   That the earth and sky are one
 And are part of the circle  
  Of all living things.  Of all living things.
 The sky is my sister,  
   As is the moon
   Brother hawk is still soaring,
 In the silence of the night.  
 No one seems to know

He's there.  
   Yet he is.  Yet he is.
 I wonder what he wonders  
   Does he dream of times
   Long ago.
 Of fish in clear streams?  Of fish in clear streams?
 Of storms  
   Yet to come
 Brother hawk  
   Has always been,

  A wonderment to me.  A wonderment to me.